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What is an Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Internet Connection?

An EFM Circuit is one of the highest-grade data connectivity services currently available in the UK.

The service works over bonded copper pairs to deliver an internet connection. An advantage of copper pairs is that there is retention if there were an issue with one of the lines.

Lower Cost & Widely Available

As the service works over copper and the circuits are already in place.

The turnaround time is much quicker to have installed and are considerably lower cost than a leased line (see information on leased lines by clicking here).

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Fast download and upload speed.

No Contention & Symmetrical Speeds

With EFM, you’re sharing your speed with nobody, so it’s your speed alone.

You’ll also enjoy having the same download AND upload speed, compared to your standard fibre connection that would have a much slower upload.

Reliable & Fast

This is a very stable and reliable connection.

To ensure that your business doesn’t suffer any outages and due to the no contention you will notice significantly fast speeds when using the internet.

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