Leased Line

A dedicated, fixed-bandwidth and symmetric data connection.

Do you require an even faster broadband than fibre? Do you want a line dedicated to serve you, and you only?

Here are the benefits of installing a leased line:

Even faster connection

Leased lines can download and upload data even faster than fibre.

0% Contention

You’re sharing your internet with nobody. No one will affect your speeds.

Same upload and download

Broadband lines typically download faster than upload – but not with a leased line.

Upload large data

Do you have sizeable drawing files? You can upload these easily.

Online Backup

Using a leased line you can seamlessly use a cloud backup solution.

Greater Reliability

Higher and better quality lines that you can rely on.

Eradicate the worry of a slow internet connection and upgrade to a leased line by calling us today!