Leased Lines

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A fixed-bandwidth and symmetric data connection for superfast and dedicated speeds

0% contention so you - and only you, enjoy your superfast speed.

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What is a Leased Line?

Currently the highest grade of data connectivity currently.

Leased lines utilise a dedicated, high performance fibre line to deliver a consistent and stable connection.

0% Contention

Similar to the EFM line (see information on EFM by clicking here), you’re sharing this line with nobody.

This is a dedicated internet line for you and your business, guaranteeing responsive download / upload speed.

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Increased Backup Capability

Have you ever attempted to install an offsite or cloud backup but noticed that it saturates your broadband connection?

Moving a large amount of data over your internet connection can cause a lot of strain. If you have a leased line, this can definitely take the pressure off and to avoid broadband saturation.

Great Reliability

As leased lines utilise new fibre technology, the connections are very robust and reliable.

Perfect to keep you and your business up and running.

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