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Communicate with each other as though you are working in the same office.

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Map icons for multiple office locations that could benefit from a Multi-Site Link.

What is a Multi-Site Link?

Multi-Site Link is ideal for businesses with multiple offices.

Using this first-class technology, you can seamlessly share files and act as though your employees are working in the same office. Do you find yourself having different issues with each of your offices systems? A dedicated point to point connection provides a direct link between your multiple offices offering the same speeds as your local network and allowing you to manage your systems from one point providing security and peace of mind everything is being handled centrally.

Why use MCS for my Multi-Site Link?

As a leading supplier of technology solutions MCS Group are able to offer your business with a point to point circuit for multiple office locations.

Our business support team are able to offer expert advice on point to point solutions making sure the bandwidth fits your businesses requirements and offer excellent on-going support thereafter.

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