Network Audits

Audit of your entire network and systems.

Would you like an up to date record of your network information? Or would you like us to see what improvements can be made? Our experienced engineers can call out to site and compile an audit document of your setup.

The benefits of a Network Audit include:

Identify Weaknesses

Report the weaknesses in your network.

Identify Short & Long Term Improvements

What can be improved? And what we can do to improve them.

Keep Technology Up-To-Date

Interested in the latest edition software?

Keep Your Data Secure

Stay secure against new & recent attacks.

Check Your Data Is Backed Up

Ensure your important data is backed up.

Review Entire Structure

Have a complete and fresh look at your setup.

In order to receive the most pro-active preventative maintenance you need to have as much documentation and information of your IT infrastructure as possible. Our audits will explain all the required technical concepts in understandable terms so you can get the most out of your IT.