What is drive encryption?

MCS Group are aware of a recent interest in companies wanting drive encryption for their data. Drive encryption protects you in the event that your hard drive is stolen. We can check your PC’s and advise what you need to do to ensure that drive encryption is enabled on your servers, PC's or devices.

But how you do you achieve drive encryption?

Microsoft Bitlocker.

Microsoft Bitlocker is software built in to Windows designed to encrypt your drives. This is professional software and cannot be hacked.

Windows Operating System.

To use Bitlocker your PC’s need to be using Windows 10 Professional Operating System.

TPM Module.

Bitlocker works by authenticating with a TPM module (a piece of hardware in your PC).

PC Specification.

Is your PC generally up to specification? MCS Group have a warehouse and workshop ready to build your PC, if you need us to.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us to ensure your drives are encrypted!

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