6 reasons to upgrade your phone system

Are you looking to upgrade your telephone system? Do you have regular dropouts or issues with your phones that are causing you and your staff headaches?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to upgrade your telephone system:

Your handset has an old LCD display.

Many telephone handsets still have the old LCD display and the bright green background.

There's a device in the comms cupboard and nobody knows what it is.

Let MCS call out and tidy up your comms so that you know what all the devices are doing.

You have monotone, old on-hold music.

Would you like modern on-hold music where you can advertise your services while your customer is waiting on hold?

You still record manual, individual messages for Christmas, etc.

Show your customers you are up to date with new messages for holidays such as Christmas.

Remote offices call each other externally.

Modern phone systems can call remote offices like an internal telephone call. For example, do you have offices in Liverpool and London? Or even abroad? You can communicate as if you were sat in the same building!

Centralise both your IT & Telecoms with MCS Group!

MCS Group are experts at managing your IT, Telecoms and general network. Save yourself the headache of having multiple phone numbers to call and centralise your services!

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us to discuss your upgrade!

Phone: 0330 024 4222
Email: info@mcsgroup.net

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