Server Monitoring

The pro-active monitoring service.

It is not sufficient these days to simply repair faults as and when they occur. Regular inspection and maintenance checks enable us to proactively detect the early warning signs of potential problems and ensure the smooth running of your systems.

Our highly skilled technicians will proactively monitor the most crucial elements of your system, such as:

Backup Checks

USB / Tape / Cloud.

Hard Drive Checks

Health / Space / RAID.

Anti-Virus Checks

Status & Renewal.

Event Log Checks

Event Viewer.

Windows Server Updates

Critical Server Updates.

Additional Checks

UPS / NAS / Other.

Our Server Monitoring checks ensure that system efficiency is kept at the highest level. We will notify you of any issues discovered, identify future problems and help to reduce potential downtime.

This level of support service has proven very beneficial to our customers and will save your company time and money. Above all, our monitoring service will provide your business with the complete confidence that your IT is in safe hands.