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Since 1988, we have supported businesses like yours without fail! That is 35+ years of relentless, expert IT support for the Liverpool, Merseyside and Lancashire area!
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In Liverpool, every local business, regardless of its size, relies on hands-on tech support to thrive and maintain consistent growth throughout the years. The IT infrastructure of your Liverpool-based business is not an area you can afford to casually outsource, as a single mistake can lead to compromised cyber security, potentially jeopardizing the fruits of your life's work!

You deserve round-the-clock, year-round IT support, specifically tailored to the unique needs of Liverpool businesses. You deserve this support from a dependable team that delivers results without excuses or unwelcome surprises.

This is where MCS Group steps in, dedicated to providing Liverpool businesses with the advantages of a full-time team of tech experts, all at a cost that fits your local budget.

Amongst other things, we;

  • Proactively keep your private data private and downtime non-existent, all year long
  • Automate your routine process with IT, saving your team north of 30 minutes daily
  • Stay on standby to fix any IT issues, sometimes even before you call for help
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Since 1988, we've been driving growth in Liverpool, Merseyside, and Lancashire through technology.

Our journey began as a Mainframe Computer Service provider, but over time, we've transformed into a team of forward-thinking technicians and engineers who leverage technology to give businesses in Liverpool, Merseyside, and Lancashire a competitive edge.

We take pride in our extensive client portfolio, spanning various industries such as architecture, accounting, construction, surveying, legal services, printing, large-scale distribution, and more. Our clients in the Liverpool area have consistently expressed their satisfaction with our IT services.

What truly excites us is the opportunity to help local businesses in Liverpool, Merseyside, and Lancashire accelerate their growth through expert IT support. We understand the significance of technology firsthand, having been a small business ourselves for the past three decades.

In addition to our reliability, our team is known for their warm and friendly approach. Our customers cannot say enough good things about our personable customer service... and yes, we brag about it!

MCS Group is faster than an internal IT department

With our IT support, you get a fully equipped and staffed IT department proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure, from servers to computers and mobile phones. The goal is to proactively and remotely ensure you have no IT issues...

We understand that IT is important for your business and we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible - even faster than an internal IT team!

Because we're local, we arrive in minutes!

The moment you call for onsite IT Support, you can start counting the minutes and we will be there with a lasting solution in no time!

We know that it is easier to depend on someone you know you can trust... We've had an office in Liverpool for over 10 years and we know the area well. We know how to get to you immediately if you require onsite support.

Get in touch with us to see how a full IT support service can take your Liverpool-based business to the next level!

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We offer immediate response time

With both an office team and an outbound engineering team, whether you need remote or onsite support, we're always at hand to take your call and send an engineer your way.

Why choose MCS as your Liverpool IT Support provider?

We prioritize your calls

The first benefit of many when you sign up to an MCS Support Contract is that you qualify for priority callouts, remote IT support and much more over non-support customers.

Reduced Cost

Not only do you qualify for reduced callout costs, but also the cost of hardware, software and much more. We essentially become partners with you, constantly ensuring that you save costs.

Pro-Active Monitoring

If you take our Server Monitoring support package, we will monitor your server(s) throughout the week and report back to you regularly to keep you in the loop.

Not only is this good to stay up to date with your IT systems but it's also a proactive service to identify, report and correct any potential IT issues before they cause you downtime.

Dedicated Account Manager

Do you want someone specifically to talk to? We're all experts in IT, telecoms & cyber security at MCS, but we can provide you with a dedicated account manager to check in with you regularly and ensure you (and your entire team) are happy.

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