Telephone Systems

A VOIP telephone system that can save you money by cutting costs and offer you a hosted system, so you can work from anywhere.
Telephone Systems - Header it management in Liverpool, Preston, Southport

Consultation with our expert Business Support Team

We have no problem calling out to you or alternatively you’re always welcome to one of our meeting rooms. Here we will get an understanding of your business, your needs and what the most ideal solution would be.

• We can begin the process for your new telephone system with a meeting with one of our Account Managers.

Responsive On-Going Support

For example, setting up call forwarding can be done very quickly, retrieving call recordings and any other general service questions.

• Now that your system is installed and up and running you can relax knowing that you also have a dedicated support team to deal with any queries.

Call Recording

You can use our call recording service to show multiple staff where a call went well, or perhaps wrong – and to help them improve for next time.

• Would you like to better educate your staff in handling customer calls?

Music on hold

Customers and potential customers can judge your business on how you handle their telephone call which includes your on hold music. Introduce your clients to a professional telephone message while also marketing your products to offer you a direct return on investment!

• Does my business need music on hold and why?

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