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Enhance productivity, efficiency, teamwork and even subscribe your customers to mailing lists.

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What is Managed Wi-Fi?

No longer do we have to worry about poor wireless signal or drops of connectivity.

We now expect instant connectivity everywhere which is why it is so important to have quick and easily accessible Wi-Fi throughout your business. Managed-WiFi is the process is auditing, installing and managing your Wi-Fi network to ensure that you have excellent coverage at all times.

Audit, Installation & Support

Upon initial enquiry, you will be allocated a key contact in our Account Management or Business Support Team to callout to your premises and get an understanding of your needs.

We will complete an audit of how to complete the project, discuss with you the implementation and agree a convenient date of installation. Once ready, our Engineering Team will callout to your premises to complete the project professionally and finally our Support Desk Team will be on hand thereafter to offer fast on-going support.

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Keep in touch with your clients and customers

Would you like to keep in touch with your clients? Do you own a hotel and would like to keep in touch with your visitors?

We can install and manage cloud based software that collects customer information such as an email address, so that you can keep in touch with your clients and invite them to come again.