Microsoft announce pricing updates

Microsoft announce pricing updates

Microsoft have announced that they are introducing bi-annual reviews to their pricing, to align Microsoft Cloud products for all clients globally.

Why is there a pricing update?

Microsoft are taking into consideration currency fluctuations relative to the USD, to provide increased transparency and predictability for customers around the globe.

Which licenses and products are affected?

All Microsoft Cloud products are affected, with the most commonly used licenses being the likes of Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, Business Standard, Business Premium, etc...

When will the price update take place and what is the price difference?

The price update will change on 1st April 2023, and all GBP pricing will increase by 9%. Pricing updates for other currencies around the globe are:

Danish Krone: +11%

Euro: +11%

Norwegian Krone: +11%

Swedish Krona: +15%

How often will the pricing update moving forward?

Microsoft have announced they will review their pricing bi-annually. After the 1st April 2023, Microsoft will continue to review this on a 6-monthly basis, being the 1st April & 1st October.

What will happen on the 1st April 2023?

From the 1st April, your invoice from ourselves for your Microsoft Cloud subscriptions will automatically update, reflecting the 9% increase. If Microsoft decide to change the pricing during their bi-annual review (in October 2023 and onwards), we will contact you with the same process and update your invoice accordingly.


If you would like to read about the changes directly from Microsoft, please click the link below:

Consistent global pricing for the Microsoft Cloud.

If you have any questions with the above or if you would like further information, please reach out to your account manager or feel free to call us on 0330 024 4222.

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