Strategic IT Support: Why Your IT Support Provider Should Support Your IT Strategy

Although an IT strategy is an often under looked aspect of an SMEs plans for the future, an IT strategy can prove to be a highly beneficial source of enhanced growth, efficiency, compliance and security. Technology has a lot to offer businesses of any size, and an IT support provider can play a pivotal role in reaping the benefits that are available to their clients. In this piece, we delve into what an IT strategy is, as well as why you should work closely with an IT support provider to create and execute one in your business.

What is an IT Strategy?  

Let’s take a second to imagine a business as being like a big jigsaw puzzle, with many interlocking parts. These include its finances, processes, goals, internal expertise, and of course, its technology. An IT strategy can be thought of as being like a game plan for a business to make the best use out of its IT resources, in alignment with the overall business strategy.  

In short, an IT strategy encompasses a map of your IT environment and its capabilities, how well it’s supporting wider organisational objectives, and how it can be refined and expanded to assist with these goals, given a set of constraints (such as timescales and budgets). An IT strategy’s scope spans software and hardware, technical expertise, cyber security and compliance, as well as telephony and connectivity, and how these can be orchestrated together.  

A business pursuing its goals without a complete IT strategy can have varying consequences. It can be like driving a vehicle to a destination with broken headlights, or be more like taking the journey with a flat tyre. Either way, it may be possible to get to the destination, but it’ll be a more difficult and bumpier ride than necessary! It may also make attaining future goals harder, as many companies entangled with legacy infrastructure and systems may attest to.  

Before we get into how and why an IT support provider should work with you on creating an empowering IT strategy, let’s survey the benefits.  

The Benefits of an IT Strategy

We can sum up the benefits of an IT strategy into these key areas:  

  • Clarity: An IT strategy brings clarity onto your existing IT environment, its benefits and limitations, as well as solutions on the market that can empower your business.  
  • Predictability: From clarity, more operational and financial predictability is possible. This makes for a smoother journey that minimises disruptions and pitfalls, while aligning expectations.  
  • Scalability: From clarity and predictability, your business can achieve enhanced scalability by finding and implementing timely IT solutions that align with your growth plans, requirements, and services.  
  • Profitability: You can think of a well thought-out and executed IT strategy as a multiplier for profitability, as it will result in more efficient, streamlined and seamless operations in your business.  
  • Security & Compliance: An IT strategy can evolve your business’s digital protection with its growth, keeping its infrastructure secure while unlocking solutions for assuring compliance.  
  • Growth: From all of these qualities coming together, a great IT strategy will empower your business to achieve profitable growth. Your end-customers will gain more value, your team will achieve more, using less time and resources, and flexible scalability will keep the road to growth and success smooth through the process.  

Because businesses rely on technology throughout their operations, a contextualised IT strategy can be a game-changer for empowering success, growth and security.  

Why You Partner With an IT Support Provider for Your IT Strategy

Now that we’ve surveyed the benefits of an IT strategy, how can an IT support provider make all the difference in ensuring it delivers value to your business? There are a number of reasons.  

Firstly, an IT support provider fundamentally brings technical expertise that fills the gaps in the resources and skills that your business needs to get the best from its IT. With a keen understanding of how your infrastructure, software and operations fit together, they can bring clarity to the planning of your IT strategy and set realistic yet empowering expectations for taking the next steps using a thoughtful technology roadmap.  

Relatedly, this will help you to save time and money by identifying and filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle, helping you to execute the strategy in a more seamless way. It also takes much of the burden of spending time, money, and energy on creating and executing the strategy internally.  

Because every business is different, the ideal solutions across their IT environment can be as well. An IT support provider will have a deep and wide knowledge of market solutions across all aspects of IT, and be able to scout out the most empowering and cost-effective solutions for your business, enabling it to use its IT budget to its highest potential.  

The IT strategy is ultimately a map for a journey across the territory, so on a day-to-day basis, a provider can act as your partner for reviewing, executing, and revising your IT strategy so that it continually supports your needs and goals.  

Leverage Your IT Strategy for a Competitive Edge

These are just some of the key reasons why an IT support provider can help your business to realise the benefits of a quality IT strategy, either by offering guidance and support with your current one, or by helping you to create one from scratch. Ultimately, an IT support provider’s assistance in this area will help you to achieve more growth, competitiveness, and client satisfaction, while also empowering your business to maintain its security, compliance, and peace of mind. We hope this piece has given useful food for thought and fuel for your technology journey!  

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