What Should Your IT Support Provider Do For You?

For every business their IT environment is different, but one thing is for sure, the more that your business grows and evolves, the more complex its IT gets. This is where an IT support provider can add some serious value. A common misconception is that an IT support provider just fixes IT issues as and when they come up, so that you can stay up and running, but actually there’s much more to it than that! In this piece, we’ll aim to give you a tailorable guide into what IT support providers, or Managed Service Providers, should be able to do for your business.  

In a nutshell, an IT support provider can help your business to stay secure, efficient, move with the technological times, and be a strategic partner. Without further ado, let’s get into it!  

IT Support Should Be Tailored To Your Business

The key component for any business to get maximum value from its IT support, is that it is tailored to them. There are some providers on the market with something of a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, which means that there will be gaps in just how much tailorable value can be gained from the service. A great IT support provider, first and foremost, is one that deeply listens to your needs and goals, and then crafts a solution around them for your business. The key to this is maintaining a close working relationship based on partnership focused approach.  

A just as important factor is how aligned the provider is with your business.  

An IT Support Provider Should be Aligned With Your Business

Alignment takes many forms, including aspects such as location, the services and expertise on offer, and a shared set of values.  

For example, if a business requires on premise support for aspects of their IT environment, then a cloud-only provider based further afield may not be the ideal choice! As an IT support provider based in Liverpool, we’re able to field dedicated on-premise support to clients in the city and the wider Merseyside County.  

Another aspect is technology; if a business uses Windows hardware and software, a provider that specialises in Windows will be more ideal, compared to one that focuses on Mac support. It’s also important to consider your future needs in terms of technology and services; ideally, an IT support provider is a long-term partner that can effectively scales its services and support with your business.

Values are also crucial to a close and aligned working relationship that empowers both parties. Finding a provider that shares your values, vision, and priorities, will facilitate a smooth working relationship where problems are solved and opportunities are accessed, in part because the provider just ‘gets it’.  

An IT Support Provider Should Take a Proactive Approach

Many businesses on the market are struggling with an apathetic service from their IT support provider that is reactive in nature. Proactive providers see SLAs (Service Level Agreements) as a minimum benchmark, not as the goal, which is a crucial distinction in this market.  

What does a proactive approach look like? It looks like:  

  • Going beyond SLAs
  • Having a proactive approach to the relationship, with dedicated consulting and account management
  • A forward-looking approach to your IT, focused on the key question: ‘how can we work together to continually improve and enhance your IT environment?’
  • Potential IT issues are avoided before they have the chance to cause disruption

With a proactive provider, you will squeeze the maximum benefit for your business, enabling your team to achieve more in less time, and to remain secure on its journey. It also makes the working relationship more enjoyable and empowering on both sides! Quite simply, it is the right thing to do and is the minimum you should expect.  

The Benefits of a Quality IT Support Provider

The benefits that each business will get depends on their context and the provider, but a quality IT support provider will enable your business to realise the following benefits:  

  • Minimal downtime: unlocking your business’s ability to get the best out of each second.  
  • Higher performance: faster speeds and new IT solutions, such as implementing the Microsoft 365 system, enables your business to achieve more in its daily operations.  
  • Strategic guidance: A quality IT support provider gives you the insights that you need to leverage technology to sharpen your competitive edge.  
  • A robust cyber security posture: A quality IT support provider will be able to help your business to implement a holistic and multi-layered set of defences across your business, protecting it from threats such as ransomware and phishing attempts, amongst others.  
  • Reliable technology partner: You will be able to turn to your provider as a genuine partner, both in times of need, or if you want to explore a new opportunity or idea.  

In conclusion, we hope this piece has served as a useful guide to your business about what a quality IT support provider should be doing for it as a minimum. Each business is different, but by examining these core principles and seeing how it compares to your current provider or internal IT situation, you can see how your business can be more empowered to operate at its best, while remaining secure.  

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